What have we been upto?


It was an incredible opportunity to participate in a promotional video shoot for The Lego Group’s Stuntz line of toys in London. The production was truly exciting and involved a team of motorbike stunt drivers performing death-defying flips through the air above one of our police cars. 
Action Media Hire was thrilled to be a part of ‘A New Breed Of Criminal’, a gripping film filmed in Tyneside, in the north of England, just like our company. This grassroots project was inspired by true criminal experiences, making it all the more captivating. As a media hire company that specializes in providing fully-equipped police cars, authentic uniforms, and experienced drivers, we were excited to be able to contribute to the realism of this film.

We were delighted to be hired by UKTV to provide a police action vehicle and two uniformed officers on Meet the Richardsons, which is broadcast on Dave. Our officers had to cordon off a rather unusually explicit crime scene in the Hebden Bridge area of West Yorkshire. 

Action Media Hire enjoyed working with Manchester’s RODO Group on their Blackrock footwear line for emergency services. Our fully-equipped police car and authentic uniforms provided the perfect backdrop for the brand photoshoot, adding realism to the images. As a production services company that specialises in providing unique and accurate services to the film and TV industry, we were thrilled to be able to contribute to this exciting project. We take pride in working with companies dedicated to creating high-quality products that serve the emergency services industry, and RODO Group is no exception.