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Action Media Hire Ltd is a premier production services company based in Bury, Greater Manchester. Action Media Hire quickly established itself as the northern go-to provider to hire police cars, action vehicles and paraphernalia for use in TV, Film, Music Videos, Photography, Advertising and Events. After establishing, We bought the Lancashire-based company Action Vehicle Hire’s brand and assets.

Bury in Greater Manchester (historically Lancashire) has a special place in modern British policing as it is the birthplace of Sir Robert Peel, who founded the Metropolitan Police Service in 1829. This connection to policing has been carried forward by Action Media Hire, who have provided police cars and paraphernalia for use in many productions, including music videos, special events/functions and non for profit projects.

Action Media Hire was supported by The Prince’s Trust’s Exploring Enterprise course, which helped us to develop our business plan. Our company now works with many media companies providing authentic police cars and action vehicles for hire for use in the media sector, such as television and film productions.

Action Media Hire
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We're committed to providing you with high quality equipped vehicles which are always in top condition. This level of authenticity is crucial for Film and TV productions that require a high degree of realism to be successful.


We have a wealth of industry talent and resources, while still being able to offer our clients competitive prices. This is because we are based in Manchester, home to a fast-growing media economy benefiting from a relatively lower cost of living compared to other major UK cities.


Working to understand our clients needs and preferences then tailoring our services to their requirements, ensuring they're satisfied with the results. We're dedicated to providing a professional and reliable service that goes above and beyond. Our values on collaboration is what leads our charitable aims too!

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